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Phoenix Furniture Assembly Reviews
Phoenix Furniture Assembly Five Star Reviews
Phoenix Furniture Assembly has been the target of online bully's for years. With other companies such as Handy and Yelp advertising Phoenix Furniture Assembly only to deceive our long time clients and prospective ones into thinking we're affiliated. Truth is We're Not Affiliated with Yelp, Handy, Thumbtack. These companies will often use the name Phoenix Furniture Assembly but not actually publish anything linkable such as the phone number or website link. Instead these companies will redirect consumers to a list of their paid advertisers or bid the job out to anyone who'll do it for half the price quoted to you.

The negative reviews seen on these sites such as Yelp and MapQuest / Bing Maps "All Yelp Partners" are left from angry competitors or consumers thinking they actually spoke with Phoenix Furniture Assembly. As you may see online, Handy and Task Rabbit use our name the most and advertise it in their heading. We have absolutely no affiliation with Task Rabbit or - Phoenix Furniture Assembly is older and better than both companies of which farm out the work and have tons of contingencies and hidden fees.

We apologize for any confusion.

Thanks for checking out Phoenix Furniture Assembly.

The Real Phoenix Furniture Assembly

Read reviews about Phoenix Furniture Assembly and see what others are saying about the best assembly service in Phoenix today. Our assemblers go above and beyond to make sure your furniture is assembled safely and efficiently, saving you time and money on assembly services. One thing customers mention most about Phoenix Furniture Assembly is that we're locally owned and operated. We don't farm out our work or sell it to the highest bidder. At Phoenix Furniture Assembly all home and office furniture assemblies are performed by the team at Phoenix Furniture Assembly. We assemble and install it all for less.

Phoenix Furniture Assembly Reviews

Mary and her team have probably assembled about half the furniture in my house at this point. Every time I hire them they are prompt, friendly, and do an excellent job.
Ashley Saliba
Review Date: 06/13/2018
Mary and her team are a pleasure to work with. She is very conscientious and she and her team are competent and capable of meeting any assembly need that you might have from assembling small furniture to kitchen cabinet installations. 
Eileen Gottlieb
Review Date: 06/18/2019
They were so quick to get back to me with an estimate and came over late, last minute so I would have a place to sleep. Highly recommend.
Abigail Cox
Review Date: 05/24/2019
Phoenix Furniture Assembly Reviews
Task Rabbit bailed on us, so we called Phoenix Furniture Assembly and Mary had a crew over to assemble the furniture Task Rabbit wouldn't.

Thanks Mary
"You're The Best!"
Jill Greenberg
Customer Review
Phoenix Furniture Assembly is tops! Everything assembled for one low price!

What a pleasant experience and I worked direct with Mary. 
Mesa School District
Customer Review
The team at Phoenix Furniture Assembly put together all my furniture in one day!

It would have taken me weeks myself, thanks again. You're great!
Grady Ellis
Customer Review
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Phoenix Furniture Assembly Reviews