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Now You Know How To Read Yelp Reviews and The Real Reviews That Have Been Moved To: Filtered Reviews Section? Really?
Phoenix Furniture Assembly and Yelp - See Phoenix Furniture Assembly and Yelp

Phoenix Furniture Assembly on Yelp

The reviews that appear on YELP about Phoenix Furniture Assembly are false mostly and Yelp will not remove them unless we pay. As with many businesses that hold the organic positions online. For example: When you type in Furniture Assembly in Phoenix our company Phoenix Furniture Assembly appears naturally in search results. Yelp wants that space and needs to sell it. We've had numerous occasions where Yelp sales people have tried to get us to advertise on YELP. We've always said no and then in 2016 - 2017 Yelp started linking to our site with  fake reviews from people not in Phoenix even.

One fake review violates Yelps terms of service and is clear cut defamation . The IKEA assembly services are what they really want and can have it. The world is big  enough for everyone. We never claimed to be the only IKEA assembly service in Phoenix. Just that we did a good job and have been in business for some time now.

After a year of asking YELP to remove the fake listings and un filter our real ones. We have decided to take a stand. Phoenix Furniture Assembly is still a strong company online and off. We will not be forced into advertising on YELP at any cost. You may see a few buttons that just don't work on our Yelp listing. Yelp says that until Mary at Phoenix Furniture Assembly gives them a picture of herself. Phoenix Furniture Assembly can not respond on Yelp and so on...  That's Creepy.

The one thing Yelp didn't count on was us surviving. Another was that we are share holders of Yelp stock and invest in Yelp. But there are laws to protect share holders other laws Yelp has over looked. So as we continue to build a case against Yelp. Enjoy some videos about Yelp and the sales tactics used on us and numerous companies and business listings and see how Yelp does it.