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We offer basketball hoop assembly 7 days a week valley wide.

Basketball Hoop Assembly in Phoenix
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Basketball Hoop Assembly
We assemble and install basketball hoops of every shape and size. Call Phoenix Furniture Assembly for a low flat rate quote on your new basketball hoop and get it assembled for less. 

Trampoline Installation

Phoenix Furniture Assembly has assembled hundreds of trampolines in and around Phoenix for over 19 years now. We have the experience to assemble your trampoline safely and securely, making sure to follow the manufacturer's specs. We assemble and repair all types of trampolines from round trampolines to square, rectangle and spring free trampolines.

So, if it's time for your family to own a new trampoline, then just call Phoenix Furniture Assembly for a free trampoline assembly estimate valley wide 7 days a week. Or schedule your trampoline assembly ahead for a planned gift or surprise, and we'll assemble your trampoline in time for the surprise. We sell 14 ft. Round trampolines, deliver and assemble them too.

Most trampolines can be assembled and ready to jump on in just a few hours. Trampoline assembly takes patience and a good understanding of schematics and drawings. Sure, most things come with assembly instructions, but even we sometimes wonder who and what language assembly instructions were written in. It's our years of assembly experience that make us the best assemblers in Phoenix today. See for yourself and call 602-888-6916

Spring Free Trampoline Assembly

Spring Free Trampolines can be installed professionally by Phoenix Furniture Assembly for one low flat rate. These trampolines are among the safest above ground trampolines on the market when used with the safety net. Here at Phoenix Furniture Assembly we believe in your family's safety and always install the safety nets at no additional charge on your Spring Free Trampoline.

A good trampoline always comes with a safety net and these are words you should live by when shopping for a new trampoline. Safety nets, when installed properly and with proper trampoline use can reduce the risk of injury by 100%. You should inspect your trampoline often for any wear or spring damage. Phoenix Furniture Assembly offers trampoline repair.

Now you that you know about Phoenix Furniture Assembly and our discounted trampoline assembly pricing. Give us a call and we'll have your Spring Free Trampoline installed in just a few hours and ready to bring years of healthy fun.
Spring Free Trampoline Installation
Let Phoenix Furniture Assembly install your new Spring Free Trampoline anywhere in the valley.
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Trampoline Removal Services
Sometimes a family outgrows a trampoline and it ends up sitting in the backyard. Phoenix Furniture Assembly will dis-assemble your trampoline and either donate it or recycle your trampoline or dispose of it properly.
Playset and Swing Set Assembly
Phoenix Furniture Assembly assembles and installs all playsets and swing sets from wooden playset assembly to metal playsets, swing sets and jungle gyms.
Playset and Swing Set Assembly in Phoenix

Trampoline Assembly in Phoenix

Trampoline Assembly and Installation services are available from Phoenix Furniture Assembly 7 days a week in Phoenix and valley wide. All trampoline assembly and installations are guaranteed with up front pricing and no hidden fees. We're the top trampoline assembly company in Arizona servicing the valley for over 20 years. We assemble all types of trampolines including rectangle trampolines. No Hidden fees and up front pricing has helped make Phoenix Furniture Assembly the top assembly service.

As one of the top trampoline installers in Arizona with over 3300 trampoline assembly and installations done so far. Phoenix Furniture Assembly are the trampoline experts. We take ownership of our trampoline assembly services by providing a free follow up on all trampoline assemblies we perform in Phoenix. This helps to ensure the integrity and safety of your family's new trampoline. No other trampoline assembly company offers such a service.

Reasons To Choose Phoenix Furniture Assembly
When you have your trampoline assembled by the team of professional trampoline assemblers at Phoenix Furniture Assembly. You get free trampoline staking with every trampoline we assemble helping to stand against the Arizona Monsoons, heavy jumping and changes to your landscape.

- Up Front Pricing & No Hidden Fees
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Over 19 years of experience
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Trampoline Safety Net Enclosures
This is a must if you have any common sense and there's just no other way to put it. Having a safety net installed on your trampoline is easy when you call us to assemble and install your trampoline safety net.